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  • bengraham650 bengraham650 Feb 11, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    I think at least 100,000 Surface Pro sold on luanch day = 100Million in revenue in one day

    The lowest estimate for Best Buy and Staples physical stores is about 22,000 units. Microsoft physcial Stores about 30,000 units. Then you factor the online sales at MS online, Best buy online and Staples online. About 100,000 units or 100Million. Also MS store and Best Buy reps says pre-demand is increadible for upcoming shelf replenishement expected later this week. I think MSFT has a clear winner here. THe potential is huge. Out of the 524 Million PCs and tablets sold this year Surface can grab 10% market share if MS can meet demand with supply. Imaging the impact. 52Million Surface pro is 52Billion in revenue and over20Billion in additional profits.

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    • Add on these online sales:

      Wait. Did he say "sellout"? Mary Jo Foley knows all about it:

      ...many [customers] said...stores had very few of the Surface Pro 128 GB models and in some cases, equally few of the 64 GB ones. ... Users can't order these devices online...because they are "sold out." ... The Best Buy page is providing conflicting information. ... Microsoft isn't explaining...what caused the supply shortage.
      ...the trials and tribulations of supply-chain management.

    • i hope they have sold a lot. however, it does not matter how many they have sold, what is the most important thing is that the market apperas to be massive for a true PC tablet with high performance. The fact Surface Pro 128 was the one sold out surely meant that the market is hungry for this type of devices, which are currently not met by anyone. Apple ipads or anrdoid pads are simply not to the task of true computing.

      Some great things are coming to msft in short order. All msft needs to do is to max out their Surface production,a nd come out with a few better Surfae Pro models soon!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wait till INTC's new haswell chip come out,much longer battery life,more power,thiner designs

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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