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  • bwu106 bwu106 Feb 13, 2013 4:20 AM Flag

    Surface Pro 64 GB now widely avaliableat Bestbuy, Surface Pro 128 GB will be this Saterday

    Just checked the 10 Bestbuys in my area, all of them have the 64 GB version, and according to MSFt, the Surface Pro 128 GB version shall be on sale again this weekend.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • just checked as of Thursday morning, Surface 64 GB looks like sold out again in most of my nerghborhood Best Buy stores. Of course, the 128 GB version is no where to be found.

      incidentallyu, i visited one Bestbuy store yesterday and played with both Surface Rt and Surface Pro 64 B (Vernon Hills, IL). The two surfaces both are great, especially the INternet Exployer, which is much faster than Ipad, on both machines, and much shaprer imigies than on my Ipad. I didi not find any demo 128 GB version, which is the onw that i want to check. I will have to wait till Saterday to go over again to see.

      What i was surpried is by the pretty good performance of Surface RT 64GB!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You were surprised to find that the same device with a smaller drive than the 128 had "pretty good performance"? Since there was no 128 to compare it to does that mean it's nearly as good as the RT, which you got to actually use? Just as good? As good, or nearly, as some other unspecified tablet? Just pretty good in a vacuum, no real context involved?

        Will you be doing comedy anywhere else this month? Or just here?

    • Availableat? Baaaaaaaa!

      jk, couldn't resist that even if it's a pretty weak joke.

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