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  • monsignor_whiteowl monsignor_whiteowl Feb 13, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Rubio Sucks Koch For The Money


    Ask yourself this. What is in the best interests of the billionaire Koch Bros? Since Koch Industries is a serial pollutor, a violator of safety and labor laws, and a privately held corp that doesn't have to answer to the social conscience of shareholders, what issues would you want your puppet politicians to push?

    Rubio/Tea Party is anti-union, anti-EPA, anti-Global Warming, anti-OSHA, and anti-tax-the-rich.

    "Barely a year in office and he already excels at taking orders from his big donors. The astroturf group called Americans for Prosperity, aka the political tool of the right-wing Koch brothers, ranks Marco Rubio with four other US senators at 100 percent and A+ for voting as commanded all the time."

    Yeah, Rubio takes Koch money and sucks Koch!

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