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  • agolferbogie agolferbogie Feb 19, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    Benzhazi and the W.H. private war run by Brennan


    -Here begins the accountability portion of the report. John Brennan receives a healthy amount, and it seems well deserved.
    "Because John Brennan is running his own private war, he is not going through the normal chain of command, and operations are not de-conflicted. Ambassador Stevens, for instance, was not read on to the JSOC operations in Libya. He was kept in the dark and ultimately killed in a retaliation that he never could have seen coming. "

    -If the CIA is not gathering intelligence on potential attacks via HUMINT or SIGINT, who the hell is? Was there any of that going on? There had to have been a catalyst, even if the bulk of the assault didn't take place until hours after the initial breach. There is always a thread running somewhere. Our intelligence assets were either kept completely in the dark by the coordinators of this assault, or someone dropped the ball

    The Benshzai Report is a new tell all book by two Seals that tell of the secret, private war run out of the White House.

    Idon't care about that, but that they didn't have back up for our people in the most dangerous part of the world is a catastropic failure and those responsible should be dealt with.

    The double standard of the main stream media is apalling.

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