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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Feb 28, 2013 4:37 AM Flag

    America placed in pawn to China and Japan to pay for what we cannot afford today


    I used to go to Cash America Pawn frequently because there was a chance to get huge bargains and the good stuff didn't last.

    I had studied diamonds for awhile and knew a good one when I saw it. A lady came in to pay the rent, wanted $300 in pawn for a probably $6000+ ring. Obviously I didn't see it under magnification but it was white and sparkled across the room and decently over a carat.

    Now getting $300 meant she would have to pay back $360 next month and the likely profit was $60. The broker convinced her to take $1200, even though she really didn't need that amount. In a month she will owe $1440, almost a sure deal she won't redeem the ring, if she does he made 4 times as much, if she doesn't he will quick sell it for maybe $3600, likely to a dealer.

    How anyone can rationalize we have money to give to the UAW (according to Obama) but cannot send an aircraft carrier where needed (according to Obama) is beyond logic or comprehension.

    People supporting such lies are either morons or support the destruction of the country, and yes, 'Tard Baldy, supply side trickle down will be back and it will be twice as brutal as you thought it was before. Shock! you may have to actually get off your lazy a&& and do something (horror of horrors).

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