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  • jebus_watches_foxnews jebus_watches_foxnews Mar 1, 2013 5:35 PM Flag

    Sequester??? Republicans made sure the K0ch Bros Got Their Oil Subsidies!!


    In the United States, credible estimates of annual fossil fuel subsidies range to $52 billion annually, while even efforts to remove small portions of those subsidies have been defeated in Congress

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    • Who got more oil money in the recent election --DEMOCRATS. But if you say it long enough and often people think it is so. Low info voters

    • hahahacreek Mar 1, 2013 11:02 PM Flag

      The best Congress money can buy!

    • BS...George Soros was the socialist that owns the Democrap Party that was given 2 Billion dollars of tax payer money for his oil investment in Brazil.

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      • joedopes you mushwit- don't you know that Soros is only one lone individual with a mere 8-10 billion fortune and you try to pit him against the Kochs, the Mellons, the DuPonts, the Waltons etc with their hundreds of billion totals when each Koch brother is worth 30 billion the Waltons may be worth 100 billion (that's all 10 of them) and on and on.- what it means is Soros fortune is a drop in the bucket compared to the right wing billionaires. It means that the RWNJ's command a fortune 20 times as large as Soros and they exercise their wealth and pedal enough influence to take over the USA and establish an Oligarchy and that's just what they intend to do and are doing
        Tell me Dopes- how did you get that way- did your mother drop you on your head or are you merely the weak willed product of Tbagger propaganda
        We would like to know

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