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  • baron_von_melcher baron_von_melcher Mar 18, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Bloomberg: Republicans Foil What Majority Wants by Gerrymandering

    From Detroit, one of the nation’s most Democratic cities, it meanders to the west, north and east, scooping up the black- majority cities of Southfield and Pontiac while bending sharply to avoid Bloomfield Hills, the affluent suburb where 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was raised.

    Its unusual shape is intentional. Michigan Republicans, seeking to maximize their political strength, drew the district lines -- and the residential patterns of Democratic voters made their job easier.

    Michigan (CONSSENT)’s 14th district underscores how Democrats across the U.S. are bunched in big metropolitan areas, resulting in the party’s House candidates often winning by wide margins on Election Day while Republicans capture more seats because their voters are spread out.

    It’s a prime reason Democrats fell 17 seats short of winning a House majority in 2012, even as their congressional candidates drew about 1.4 million more votes than Republicans nationwide, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News. And it will hinder the Democrats from regaining control of the chamber in 2014. Currently, there are 232 Republicans and 200 Democrats in the House, with three vacancies.


    Republicans rigging the system against the People. We The People must strike back!!!

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    • Obama is choosing every visible way to spin the idea his socialist side of the isle needs to keep up the massive spending, and increase the debt. No tours! The public is outragged! HAHAHAHAHA...but the guy with $500,000 big ones in his pocket to give Obama can tour his way right on in.

    • Voter repression is the only way the Rethugs are able to hold on to power.

    • American Way: why it's become clear that Obama's White House is open to the rich and closed to the poor
      President Obama's pledges to open up the White House are going in reverse, says Mark McKinnon
      U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the sequester after a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House in Washington March 1, 2013
      Access for the few - Obama's White House Photo: REUTERS

      Mark McKinnon

      12:30PM GMT 16 Mar 2013


      Once, only nobles were granted an audience with the King.

      In America, we've prided ourselves on abandoning those privileges of class some 237 years ago, following that little uprising in the 13 colonies.

      And we again congratulated ourselves at 12:01 pm Eastern Time on January 20, 2009, just moments after Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States and as he committed to making his administration the most transparent and open in history.

      But more than four years later it is time to ask questions. The most transparent administration ever? The most transparently political, yes. The most open government? If you have the money to buy access, yes.

      Since last weekend, Mr and Mrs Regular Citizen have been denied the access people used to be granted to tour the White House, purportedly because of the clampdown on federal spen...

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