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  • ineedastock ineedastock Mar 21, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Facebook's Instagram

    In My opinion Instagram is owned by Facebook. It is not available to Windows Phone and Microsoft and Nokia have been desperately trying to allow it's users the opportunity to use the service.
    Microsoft has even written the code in their programming language since the Instagram has been saying "we our working on a Windows Phone version" forever. So as a Facebook shareholder I and perhaps you may be saying what is going on that would give Instagram Billions of more users to sell advertising to. Yes everyone is thinking the same and it get's worse they are also doing it to blackberry users. So Mark Zuckerberg is acting like a college kid in the dorm in some on some type of garden roots hippie trip. What is it going to take to get the guy to start doing things to make shareholders money. Here are Billions & Billions of users on the Windows and Blackberry phones to serve ad to and he is playing college kid with an attitude. It is starting to be clear to me that the only way this thing get's over 38 is if he is not the ceo but maybe a programmer. Than he can do the hippie college kid in the dorm trip and let someone else run the business. Give him an office and he can put posters on the walls get a black light and sit back there and smoke pot all day why someone else runs the business. What if someone else creates a competing Instagram app and announces they will never sell user photos. That has already happened. What is up with Zuck?

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