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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow Mar 22, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    Chromebooks Are Taking Off

    Google it.


    "Chromebooks, for anyone who needs reminding, are low-cost “stateless” (i.e., no hard drive) notebooks that run Google’s Chrome OS and need to be connected to the cloud to function."


    "I note that my own kids are mostly using Google Docs in school and browsers for pretty much everything. Although my boy does some gaming that works better with a local client, my girl could do everything in the cloud. Our school system has standardized on Google for software and Apple for hardware. But that Apple hardware is expensive, and a conversion to Chromebooks would be easy on top of the existing infrastructure.

    "So, the education segment represents a great target. Secondary schools love the easy remote management, the low cost, and the security of a stateless device that doesn’t need to be maintained or upgraded.

    "Another class of consumer that seems to like Chromebooks is übergeeks, highly tech savvy people who own a number of devices and want a secure and somewhat untrackable PC-like system that doesn’t keep cookies, browsing history, and other dirty little fingerprints that tell where the user has been."


    "Acer recently made a public statement saying that 5-10% of its U.S. PC shipments are Chromebooks these days. "


    No wonder the softie shills are so intent on calling them "toys". Microsoft is frightened. In "the Enterprise", Chromebooks would be vastly cheaper to manage than the usual PC's.

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