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  • ifpigscouldfly269 ifpigscouldfly269 Mar 27, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    So, Our Economy Is In A Depression And "Crock" Market Is At New Highs?

    Sure, just print more money, devalue the dollars already out there, pay savers next to nothing, and effectively "give" this money to the fat cats on Wall Street by forcing seniors and others to gamble (and lose - you know it's coming) their money in the stock market with the artificial lure of higher returns. Wall Street and their cronies get rich from the scheme - and you? Well, there's a sucker born every minute. And you deserve what you get if you "buy" this garbage about the stock market. Use common sense. Everything still sucks!

    Be smart - don't fall for this ruse and keep your money safe. 1% return is better than -30% the markets are overvalued. Read John Crudele - now there's a smart guy!

    Wasn't Obama going to stop all that nonsense?

    The rich get richer at the poor and middle class's expense.

    That's why I have no faith in anything we do. The whole thing is ridiculous and greed-driven.

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