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  • cfuryurself cfuryurself Apr 3, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Amazing simple mindedness of the board RWNJ trolls about the economy.

    They basically have two emotional states about the economy.
    One is the bad ole Democrats pushed housing onto those who could not afford it.
    Two is the bad ole Bernanke that is pushing money into the economy and destroying our future.

    There is a miniscule basis of truth in these two memes as is required in any delusion.

    But where do these facts fit in.

    1 Property values entered bubbles worldwide at the same time, no fan or fred involved.
    2 Fan or Fred didn't originate most of the loans in question.
    3 No banking institution could credibly believe that Fan or Fred would be there to buy troubled loans.
    4 300+ Million low wage workers have entered the workforce of the US in the last 30 years depressing wages.
    5 The new low wage workers allowed middlemen to buy labor low and sell it high to the US consumer despite this being a temporary system.
    6 New technology requires fewer and higher trained workers leaving most of the population out of the expansion.
    7 Unnecessary wars have cost our economy trillions and are still draining our money.

    Integrate some facts into your type one thinking hyper emotional ideas nut jobs.

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