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  • captain_zee captain_zee Apr 8, 2013 8:20 PM Flag

    Why The Filibuster Threat On Gun Legislation By Republicans?


    Let it come to a vote. Why are Rethugs threatening a filibuster? Why?

    90% favor universal background checks. 90%.

    But the money greasing the palms of the Republicans speaks more loudly than the will of 90% of Americans.

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    • Maybe 90% of Rachel Maddow viewers. Most people just want the gov't to stop telling them what to do and want all the "do gooders" to just shut up and mind their own business. Only an idiot would want the gov't to tell them what to do. A person with morals does not need that and a person without morals will not listen to what the gov't tells them to do anyways. I hope you enjoy the political grandstanding and maybe one day you can be a good gov't soldier. You can take my place on the front line.

    • get rid of cars...they hurt ,kill and injure too many folks...duh....take the mental patients back into the care facilities,they wont get nor have access to guns

    • They don't want the liberals to have a list of gun owners for future use when they decide to take away guns by executive order. I say, give the liberals NOTHING. NIENTE, NADA, NO MAS.

    • It is how the question is asked in your survey. Background checks are done, I know when I purchase weapons I have to wait until the background check clears. Before you speak try to find our what kind of background checks that the left wants to pass. Then ask the question concerning the law that is up to be voted on. Also, check the crime rate of the cities with the most shootings and you will find they have the toughest laws on guns. Chicago for example is one of the worst and they have some of the toughest laws on guns, except the criminals don't play fair, they don't abide by the laws, cry, cry, cry.

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