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  • phands.theheretic5 phands.theheretic5 Apr 9, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    Windows RT price cuts don’t stop the death spiral. Analysis: Drain circling picks up speed, flush inevitable

    Part 1

    SemiAccurate went in to detail about why Microsoft’s Surface could not compete against real tablets, and the new price cuts are not going to help. Windows RT and Surface RT have absolutely no chance of surviving much less thriving in a market that Microsoft needs to stay even marginally relevant. It was game over before launch.

    The problem is simple, Surface costs too much relative to every competitor on the market. This gem of wisdom will probably not stun the average observer, painfully low sales numbers are a clear indication that they actually understand this point consciously or not.

    What most people don’t understand is story behind that, the why not the what. Microsoft can never compete in tablets and phones, period, and this is not a qualified statement, it is an inherent property of the choices the company made over the last 3 decades. Microsoft has no chance in mobile no matter what they do, their very business model precludes sucess in a world they still fail to understand.

    There are two problems here, both financial in nature. To be fair, there is a third and fourth problem that are technical in nature, but they are actually solvable. These don’t preclude success, just make it extremely unlikely, and the very business model of the company stops them from even attempting a fix. These technical problems can be summed up pithily by the phrase, “The OS is awful”, and “Devs hate it”. If you have tried Windows 8, be it in WART (Windows/ARM RT) or x86 guise, there is no need to explain the first one to you. We will assume you have tried it and like the majority of others SemiAccurate talked to, gave it a chance that Windows 8 failed on merit.

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