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  • mystk7 mystk7 Apr 11, 2013 10:43 PM Flag

    Love my WIN8

    It's faster.
    It's more stable.
    It's easy to skip past the Live Tiles(if you don't like them)
    The desktop is not much different than Win 7, except for the start button.
    You can do everything that you could with Win 7.
    Some people just walk around with a thunder cloud over their head,
    and I think these Win 8 haters fit in that group.

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    • I hesitated for a number of weeks in getting a new desktop back in January because of the Win8 bashing. Within 2-3 days of getting my new desktop (and using just a mouse), I loved Win8. And for the "Start Button", I can get to the power button, control panel, other programs, etc. in Win8 just as fast as I could with the old Start Button ... using a mouse no less.

      Something is funny about all this bashing, because I don't see how it is warranted. I could certainly understand how the bashing is causing hesitation in taking the step to make a purchase ... though it is unwarranted.

      If the drop in PC's included laptops, I can understand that. Intel is coming out with a new chip in Q2 ... I want a new laptop and waiting for the new chip, and looking forward to having a laptop with Win8 on it. Later the same will go for tablet with ... waiting for Intel again.

      If you have Win8 on your desktop, you'll want it on your laptop, tablet and phone ... what's all this stuff about xp, start button, etc? I'm glad xp is behind me.

    • Speaking for myself I do not hate Microsoft. I do not like windows 8. It is faster than windows 7 but there are many bugs that need to be repaired and blindly supporting something will do anything to fix the problems. I do not want charms and apps I want what all my computers before had. If I had bought a tablet I would appreciate windows 8 since you can also have a desktop. But I like how a laptop works and feels compared to a tablet and for stock trading it is much easier to use since I have many windows open to follow stocks. I have had many problems with windows 8 like cookies disappearing, passwords to sites suddenly disappearing and reappearing video not working flash problems exe files not working due to updates damaging the registry. So far if I could get the same speed out of a windows 7 or XP I would gladly dump windows 8. I suggest to those here that do not have a windows 8 computer to go buy one and find out for yourself. I know others who have bought a computer with windows 8 and have returned them since they had so much problems with it.

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