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  • plmartin02 plmartin02 Apr 16, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    I Wonder How The Evil Republicans


    ... will be blamed when gun control fails to pass. The Democrats have control of the Executive Branch, as well as the Senate where even the minority Republicans voted to bring the legislation to the floor for a full vote. It's not even going to get out of the Senate, much less get to the House for consideration.

    Maybe the kooks will say that some of the Tea Party grandmas are witches, and cast a spell on the Democrats that voted it down. Or that the millions of right-wing veterans across the county swift-boated the bill.

    Or maybe just the same old tired, anti-American, kooky spewage that a bunch of dead old white guys really screwed us when they made the 2nd Amendment far too clear, concise and concrete. I mean, really. We're much smarter today than they were.

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    • Left wing strategy to take away folks' guns is to continually keep the issue in the news. Work little by little. Raise the cost of ammo..outlaw lead bullets, and shot as environmentally unfriendly. Make folks register on a regular basis making it time consuming and costly. They will do anything to circumvent the 2nd Amendment believing time is on their side.

    • The second amendment is about as clear as my sas- it needs to be repealed or at least replaced with an amendment whose meaning is clear with out any doubt. The gobbledygook in the current amendment is the result of the slave masters of the late 18th century trying to cover their evil intent of using weapons and terror to controll their slaves- after the Civil war the coocluxclan took up the work of the earlier slave patrols but even they are winding down. Now that slavery appears to have been defeated finally with no doubt whatsoever there is no more use for a program of terror against slaves or former slaves and their decendants. The need to provide militias (Natl Guard) is pretty uncontroversial but doesnt require keeping weapons in the home. The time is now to overhaul the second amendment. The amendment must specify that weapons owners of the future must be licensed much as aircraft pilots are licensed and must requalify every year or two. Adequate police forces must be provided to enforce tough gun control laws and the expense of the licensing must be borne by the licensensees to specify some of the amendments requirements

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