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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow Apr 28, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

    Can Windows Phone Fight Back Against The Apple Onslaught? Memento Mori Microsoft - Part 2

    Google it.


    "Globally, Windows Phone has so far failed to gain traction, representing 1.02% of phones in active use as the following Statcounter chart illustrates...."


    "This article gives just a brief overview of Windows Phone. As ever, it is up to investors to judge for themselves the true risks companies face. I believe that the potential failure of Windows Phone present a significant threat to the future profitability of Microsoft. I also feel that the current run-up of Microsoft stock is overblown. Microsoft's diverse portfolio gives it considerable resilience, but it does not make it immune to competitive pressures."

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    • AAPL has no new Phone products with "enhanced" features so to entice AAPL iDummies to go waste another $500.00 on a handset as Nokia is closing the gap on the high end market....

      Going forward the next battle is in emerging and developing markets/countries where no one has $500.00 to spend on iToys and Nokia with Windows 8 is well positioned to offer affordabe products under $99.00....

      So you are wrong again and keep making a bigger fool of yourself with each desperate post....

      Additionally all Nokia has to do is to team up with MSFT, Lenovo, HP and DELL et al to include its Phones as a package for Enterprise customers in the US and developed nations and put the nail on AAPL iPhone coffin....

      AS for Android, it has too many security flaws that Windows 8 will devastate their sales figures going forward across all price points in 2013 and beyond.



      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Well MSFT has done just about nothing to advertise or support the Windows phone so go figure.

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