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  • zutko118 zutko118 Apr 28, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Aggresive, Effective Marketing - still missing. Why ?!....

    We longs, all agree, that launching an aggressive marketing campaign is critically important and will have a decisive impact on W8, WP8 devices acceptance and obviously, Nokia and even MS future. This is how I try to explain to myself that very tepid marketing or as some believe complete lack of such. Here, in my opinion, are main reasons for purposeful delay :
    a) visible, early symptoms and farther advancement of aapl decline (over the hill effect)
    b) Android OS progressing saturation and spread of fragmentation, (mutant versions)
    c) Samsung reaching over saturation level with little room to grow (fatigue level)
    d) MS selling large enough number of W8 devices to create fertile environment for WP8 handsets demand (so money spent on marketing won’t miss a target )
    e) extra time to test, correct and improve W8, WP8, critically important security features
    f) implementation of Win Blue and new Xbox soon
    g) implementing new Intel processors , Hassel and Atom in new line of Win 8 (Blue) devices. h) resolving parts supply chain issues i) to reach units production level which will fully satisfy the demand level
    Only then, after those conditions are met, starting a costly and aggressive marketing campaign makes sense and potentially large marketing /advertising funds wasted. Saying that I also want to stress that, there should be no excuse for almost complete lack of marketing or limiting it to minimum as we witness everywhere nowadays. Absolutly imperative is creation of a new and much better TV and other media, ads, for all age groups. Attractive and instructive ads showing great features in use, less “dancing on the head” tv commercials and Jessica Alba sitting and then walking with her WP8 phone.
    I welcome your opinions, because I consider this issue (lack of aggressive marketing ) as a central and decisive factor to, especially Nokia’s future but also although to lesser degree Microsoft’s. Less

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    • I just recommended to you video clip and article in my post "You must see" I should've ad "Funny " to Aggressive, Effective ...

    • Some good points again and here is my take:

      The Windows 8 launch was a bit late due to Intel's Chips programming issues and MSFT was busy with Surface RT and Pro launches....

      In the meantime the death of the PC crowd had revved up its nonsense....

      So we are six months into the Windows 8 launch and in two months will be releasing Windows Blue aka 8.1....

      MSFT needs to drive the point home on Windows 8 Platform's "security features", on/off speed, audio/video qualities and newly being developed Apps and deal with Desktop vs Metro start screen which is quite simple to do....

      WE really need to focus on Android's security flaws and above all Google's appetite to steal your personal info and read your emails so they can sell you short and make money....

      I think the Scroogle video was a good start, but now they need to go after Android in conjunction with Samsung, HTC and others who use Android and that needs a lot of coordination and patience as MSFT does not want to alienate its downstream eco-system.



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