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  • an_obama_nation an_obama_nation May 9, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Bad news for pepeekook, Obama lied again to mother of victim 3 days after Benghazi, as did Hillary

    to her face. Both told her it was the video 3 FCKUING DAYS AFTER THE ATTACK.

    So much for pepeekook's lie that Obama fessed up to his failure the next day, he didn't and native English speakers understand he didn't.

    Why did they lie, what are they covering up, who gave Rice lies to tell? As much as you hope for it, this is not going away and the liar is not going to sweep this under the rug again.

    After Watergate there was a long lull as details emerged. So fellow Dems are circling the wagons to defend the Liar in Chief so he may not be forced to resign, but at least history will report what a poser he is.

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