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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow May 28, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Why Microsoft won't sell off Bing or Xbox

    Google it...


    "Summary: A new Nomura Research report calls for Microsoft to get rid of Bing and/or Xbox in the name of maximizing shareholder value. Here's why I'm doubtful either move will happen."

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    • Saw the report, it was stupid. Keep both. Just because some research company comes out with a report I always ask, who pays that company? Why would you sell your best product with the most expandable revenue stream to your competitors to use it to put you out of business? Yes, now office holds the king position but Xbox One just blew out all projections of Xbox research done by Wall Street/Washington research companies.

    • corneliusflake May 28, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

      not possible to sell off bing.

      even for nominal $1.

      it cost $300 to $500 mio. more per qtr to operate than online services division get in income from all units in division. they take in $869 mio. for a loss of $283 mio. that over $1 billion differential.

      that not all bing tho. some other unit must lose money too.

      but how many units can lose $billions every year. i think not more than one per division. and maybe not even one in any other divisions either. any mgr. with multiple mega-$million losing operations is obeying instructions or has compromising photos of higher-ups.

      new owner would have to be able to spend that much or more forever unless they can find a way to make money with it. and they can have to keep all current revenue msft have with bing now. could be worse if advertisers and partners jump.

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