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  • cyber_critiqer cyber_critiqer Jun 3, 2013 10:09 PM Flag

    More Obama IRS Stuff ...


    "Darrell Issa's McCarthyist Tactics Might Just Save Obama From the IRS Scandal"

    "By cherry-picking evidence, overstating his case, and violating the principle of presumed innocence, the GOP rep only weakens himself."

    "In one brief and repugnant interview, the GOP's chief congressional investigator into Internal Revenue Service abuses cherry-picked evidence, overstated his case, and violated the sacred American principle of presumed innocence.

    If that was not enough, Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, called White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a "paid liar," and couldn't explain why. "We're getting to proving it," he said.

    Meet the best friend of a controversy-plagued Democratic White House: a demagogic Republican."

    "Note what Issa is doing. He does it all the time--start an unsubstantiated allegation with an absolute declaration ("when in fact") and follow it with weasel words ("the indication is"). This smear-and-caveat technique allows him to ruin reputations without being called a liar."

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    • They are circling the wagons to defend the liar in chief.

      Aside from the OPINION of a left wing rag what they are saying is it's like Mark Furman framing O.J. Simpson.

      There is no presumption of innocence where there is no criminal prosecution, you guys from the old Eastern Bloc always get that idea wrong. One need not deny what all the evidence says. If everyone was presumed innocent there would never need be a trial. One need not delude oneself to preserve American ideals, no one is threatening to send Obama to jail...yet.

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