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  • ultravis66 ultravis66 Jun 13, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    What you investors do not understand about the xbox one and Sony will completely dominate the console gaming market:

    One word comes to mind: Greed! Yes thats right MSFT is bing greedy with the xbox one. Let me explain, 14 yr old johny got call of duty for christmas and 14 yr old Bill got halo. They both play their games and finnish them. Now Johny wants to trade with Bill to play Halo and they both agree. Johny and Bill pop in their borrowed games and discover that they need a credit card to play a game that was already paid for. The point is, charging customers to play a game that is already paid for is a horrible idea. People I know all around me that are huge xbox fans are outraged and refuse to buy an xbox one. They are all fleeing to the PS4. Wait until xbox one sales miss huge. This stock will tank 10%+.

    Add on top of that the horrible OS Windows 8 which no one I know likes. In fact, I know several people that returned their laptops and PC's because they cannot stand Windows 8.

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