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  • x2073 x2073 Jul 15, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    do your due dilligence!!!!

    When buying a stock you have to research it first. Check for heavy public liquidation. Make sure tone on CNBC is negative - watch the pundits Cramer especially. You want negative advisers. Bad news. A stagnant product line (i.e the pc is dead, Ballmar is a jerk, why are they bothering with NOK, Windows 8 is a loser etc......). Its a lot of work.

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    • I have been telling folks on this board for the last few months that the press was very wrong on this stock. I have owned it since January and have seen the drumbeat of negative press and analysts that the PC is dead therefor MSFT is dead. Of course I am happily up 40% on my largest position. If you listen to CNBC enough and and blindly follow their advice you are sure to lose money. Many of the folks on their are hedge fund managers. They do not have your best interests at heart.

      Just last week the Fast Money crowd was very negative on MSFT. There is a reason that the stock is going up with all the negative press. The smart money (fund managers) are buying up MSFT from those dumb enough to sell. Some of those folks telling you to sell are buying the stock. Do your own DD as X2073 says.

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