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  • dangerousdanmcgrew69 dangerousdanmcgrew69 Jul 19, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    All we need to hear is that Steve Ballmer is being replaced and MSFT does a 180 and catapults back up to $35.

    Calling Bill Gates...calling Bill Gates....

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    • Why would you need to hear that. Today was a manipulation of wall street. The only way they missed is the earning were set to high so the analyst could tip off their buddies to short. You listen to CNBC and it sounds like the end of the world and they love "DRAMA". A bad story is so much better than reporting moderate earnings still higher in almost across the board compared to last year. CNBC analyst were saying sell when it was at 26 and went straight to 36. They do not know it all. They are on there as personalities or they are just like everyone else. I know what is in the pipeline. This goes right back up and everyone that is calling the end of the world will look like a fool again. Ballmer is on the level of Steve Jobs with the stuff in the pipeline and the transformation from an old 1990's OS to Windows 8.1 the future and the OS that is paving the road for all the other companies to follow. Just my opinon. I am holding and I am going to make money on this stock big time from you idiot shorts.

    • They need Gates to come back, as it happened with second coming of jobs to Apple. Then Gates should announce Windows 9 with desktop UI (merged desktop and metro apps in a single screen). They should setup a factory in China, and make Haswell based tablets with 199$ price. They should buy Nokia, and make Windows phone with 1080p screen and 41 megapixels camera as standard, and sell it for 300$-400$ unlocked. If they do all that - they will put out Google and Apple out of business in 2 years, and capture 80% of market share in tablets/phones and laptops. The stock will double as a result.

    • I have said this a dozen times. It is truly so sad to watch an iconic company implode because a lonny bin refuses to leave, and there is nothing anyone can do to save it.

      I do hope that today's staggering $5 loss will make global headlines and international ridicule and condemnation, putting pressure on this toothless BOD to do something

    • room1109 Jul 19, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

      That is funny but true.

      Sentiment: Hold

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