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  • ggray1956 ggray1956 Aug 5, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    How can you tell the market is a scam?

    Look at the VIX. Its as simple as that. Our country is bankrupt, we are almost 17 trillion in debt with over 200 trillion in unfunded liability. Everyone is talking about the possibility of a dollar collapse, interest rate hikes, and hyper-inflation. Yet the VIX reflects none of these problems. You cannot get more FIXED then that!!!

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    • Rich folks took their marbles out of the game and bought all the Gold and Silver in a failed effort to collapse the dollar. The world Reserve Banks turned on furnaces and brought to the game fresh new shinning marbles. As long as the printing presses are running 200 trillion dollars in liabilities will be paid in full to whosoever it is owed in shape of brand new marbles which they take home to the moon on their personal rocket ship..

    • corneliusflake Aug 5, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

      by making a bad investment in one stock and imagining the whole market must then be bad?

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      • One sure way is when 10 year bonds are spiking, the Fed loses more in one quarter than they made in 5 years, the world is a mess without leadership, the overall market is run buy bots that buy and sell on price alone, volume indicates there is absolutely no demand at the current level but a 1/3% decline from an all time high suggests serious money should buy anyway, it's a positive sign of a manipulated scam, not to mention the bots trading with each other.

        He's right on the Vix, but it will take a trigger to force the hand.

    • There are a dozen ways to tell, but the lack of volatility in an unsettled world is among them,

      That said one only needs to look at the action itself, they don't even try to make it appear natural. The idea that MANY issues that may have run 30% on nothing and no volume are a buy with a 1/2% pullback and no earnings only accents the Obama/Bernanke fraud.

      What is going to take the market apart is the fact the Fed lost more in value on bonds in the last quarter than it gained in the previous 5 years. People (smart people) know it cannot continue.

    • If you really believe your post then what are you doing here?

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