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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow Aug 20, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    Groklaw blog closes citing surveillance threat

    Google it.


    "Summary: Top tech law blogger Pamela Jones draws shutters saying there is no way to do Groklaw without email.

    "One of techland's most famous blogsites, Groklaw, is apparently closing down due to the threat of email surveillance.

    "Founder Pamela Jones has posted saying she has spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure out how to continue.

    " "And the conclusion I've reached is that there is no way to continue doing Groklaw, not long term, which is incredibly sad," she wrote. "But it's good to be realistic. And the simple truth is, no matter how good the motives might be for collecting and screening everything we say to one another, and no matter how 'clean' we all are ourselves from the standpont of the screeners, I don't know how to function in such an atmosphere. I don't know how to do Groklaw like this."

    "Groklaw rose to fame for its coverage of the SCO intellectual property lawsuits against the likes of IBM and Novell. It went on to cover a host of other cases, often defining the interface between open source and proprietary software.

    " "They tell us that if you send or receive an email from outside the US, it will be read. If it's encrypted, they keep it for five years, presumably in the hopes of tech advancing to be able to decrypt it against your will and without your knowledge. Groklaw has readers all over the world.

    " "I'm not a political person, by choice, and I must say, researching the latest developments convinced me of one thing - I am right to avoid it." "

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    • The internet is dead. As it is, it cannot survive in the long run. Gone will be the dozens of advertising per page. Gone will be the things that make people want to get on the internet in the first place. It will devolve into a 5X8 screen. It will just be another tool. The same as the telephone was a tool 20-years ago to call up a store and ask if they had a widget and at what price. e-mails will be gone in favor of I.M. The sore necks caused by small type will find people gravitating to programs with uncluttered screens. (no advertising). Word of mouth will be the new norm when searching for something. A blog. a messagre board. etc. When the transition is complete, most people will think about why they have to get on the internet in the first place. They will come to the conclusion that they spend 99.999% of their time searching through 99.999% of the junk on the internet. The most popular sites will honest news papers. Who will give honest sites to follow up on the topic. Gone will be web portals. Stockies will go straight to yahoo-finance and get their quotes, etc. News junkies will head straight to theguardian or Aljazeera. (the bullet headed control freaks will bury the independence of the Times and Post). Op-Systems will come in inviolate 1-gig chips. There will be another 1-gig to display pages. The display chips will erase themselves and all downloaded programs used to display a web page. There will be no room for eye-catching animations that take up memory. Phones will be used for communicating. Voice-Text. The internet tool will be

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      • Seems like half my post did not make it. .............. will be under $100 here and 1/4 that in the rest of the world. Phones will be even cheaper. Plans will be cheap. Storing 10-pictures on a 1-gig chip will eat up your monthly allotment. Programs will be developed so that your 1-gig chip will store 10,000 full pages instead of advertising pics, etc. Unlimited internet plans wiil be expensive, costing $10 a month here and $1 outside. Gone will be the hundreds of apps running all the time. Only what is selected will use up the battery. Gone will be the once or twice daily charging. The internet is dead. Long live the internet.

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