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  • thundermountain2013 thundermountain2013 Aug 27, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    CEO Vic Gundrov= bad Egg. bloomberg mon am, is considered for PERV. beware

    Bloomberg announced yesterday morning, former MSFT exec, Vic considered...Knew this Perv 12 years ago, last contact with him, was calling (w) hotel Security on him for solicitation of Sex...I can't believe Bloomberg even mentioned his name...I called PR at Bloom, (6x's) to get the word out...look elsewhere, no wonder he left MSFT for Google, he should stay in CA or move to Vegas...Bunny Ranch is expanding, thinking of IPO

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    • Sounds just like the raving resident Troll phandsvrta/hereturd

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • you realize you can be sued for libel.

      • 1 Reply to bbkenno
      • You need not worry...Like the City of CA recently who's "Mayor" conduct was unbecoming, I am not the only one who Agrees with my Statements made...I know @ least (3) lic'd Doctors in Washington State who would gladly testify in any Court as to Vic's Conduct in regards to Women...What happens behind closed Doors in Major Corporations around the World, by MEN, doesn't make it any more right. I treat and speak to a Woman, understanding, she is a Lady first, a Human being next. Any Man who doesn't, then in my Opinion isn't a Man, probably doesn't like his own Mother, should go back to Kindergarden where those even on a Playground, not acceptable forms of Behavior. I don't think I can be any clearer. Microsoft is a GOOD Company, with like minded individuals who work and support it's efforts. This also is about Microsoft being Washington State finest Corporation....we in Washington State, love Microsoft...We in Washington State, don't treat our Women, like they treat them in India....ever see "FIRE' "WATER" "WIND" maybe you support treating an entire Gender like 2nd Class Citizens, when even with all our Knowledge, Expertise, 8% of our Major Corporations are run by WOMEN....Would you want your MOTHER treated like Vic treats WOMEN, or is it OK to turn the other CHEEK...I bow to no Man. I turn the CHEEK for no one.

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