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  • invictus2day invictus2day Sep 3, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    msft buys the money pit NOK which has gone from 65% market share to 4% .........

    - stock price has dropped 75% in last 5 years has a Windows OS that doesn't run Office, etc etc etc. and MSFT says no problem, we fix all this. Msft the consumer focused company.

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    • Great buy MS just needs to stick to their guns.

      ROTFLOL. I would love to hear the plan that MS has thought up for NOK. The're all drinking the Kool-aid and banging each other in a crazy party but I don't think it will end well for them.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • A major aspect of the plan, no matter how anyone cuts it, is for Microsoft not to wither on the vine as the new crop takes over the front seat of existing IT industry race leaders.

        What has happened to the once dominant feature phone and proprietary SmartPhone manufacturer can happen to the 'seat still occupied' PC OS and apps leader.

        Choosing to acquire Nokia is more a defensive than a ground breaking device move. If Microsoft could, they would pour cement over the mobile industry... its quickly killing off their leadership position and the worst has yet to come.

        Balmer is getting out just as the job will become one big headache... as if that had not already become the frustrating problem.

        Nokia is being acquired at a low price: while that's a low price in yesteryear terms, it shows how it only takes a few years for a 60% market leader to become carved up as near road kill. That is not 'just one aoles opinion', its seen in the difference in enterprise value and market position. The Cloud 4G ICT industry is the much more encompassing industry than the small PC/laptop space. What's more, the drivers seat of the industry always goes to where efficiency and innovation is being driven... its the rule of law or tech business that every manager at Microsoft had nailed securely into their heads..

    • A mental pygmy like you telling the world about what MSFT should do in your view --- ROTFLMAO

    • Shouldn't you be taking your verbal dump on the AAPL board ? they deserve you LOL!

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