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  • kinderjimmy9 kinderjimmy9 Sep 6, 2013 10:19 AM Flag


    I'se sorry Boss Obama ... I didn't mean it when I called you a racist, a liar, an egomaniac and a welfare king. I wuz just funnin and jivin. Those NSA dudes got it all wrong. .

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    • What I want to know is if the NSA has access to everything then they know who is accessing real time, which means they know China is hacking into the US. Question - how much is the NSA pocketing from the Chinese for giving up access to our systems? The NSA needs to be monitored, we can't trust the NSA to police themselves, just like allowing the banks to self govern. Or is the NSA a front organization for organized crime on the scale few understand?


      Everyone knows Every Move You Make ... which is Posting Right-Wing Nonsense all day.

    • I see you've been reading theguardian. That explains the past problems with norton, mcafee, and now, defender. Defender now rearranges the inviloalate restore part of your hard drive so you will never get back to factory (out of box) condition. It is built in. The only way around it is to buy a never used PC with XP that has restore discs instead of a partitioned hard drive restore function. Just think of the millions of PC users that were forced to buy a new PC when they encountered the blank screeen. News yesterday revealed that to make it easier for the nas, there were many backdoor entry's built into newer versions of windoze. Making it easier to pul up anyones medical records, banking records, personal info in bulk. But it also made it easier for hackers to get in. IMHO anyone who uses the internet other than e-mail or messages is a fool. The latest storage facility can store 15,000 years worth of transcribed phone calls. And most likely every foreign power already has your 10-years worth of phone calls, texts, banking records, e-mails, etc. No wonder every foreign power that had Mr.Snow wanted to give him the bum's rush outta their country lest he bring attention to their own country. He has nothing they don't already know. The thing is to keep it from the public. (of all countties). The whole program is a joke. Each of the 300,000 contractors must sift through thousands of people just to alert the nas of something interesting. Than nas gets a blanket warrant to open up what the contractors saw. But that's not the important point. The important point is what do the contractors do with the other 999 people who are not the enemy of the state. Just speaking up makes you an enemy of the contractors. Apparently they are young and programmed to think a certain way about anyone who speaks up. ///// We are just past the crater at the tip of the iceberg with an icecube floating in it. And so far we are just seeing the 10% of the ice cube.

    • I should have known you have stool pigeons on duty in Yahoo.

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