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  • an_obama_nation an_obama_nation Nov 7, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Cuccinelli made the race a referendum on Obamacare......and closed a huge gap

    Is another truthful way to look at it.

    Virginians were angry at the wrong people for shutting down the government (they have a large segemnt of government workers). Cuccinelli was trailing by double digits, brought up Obamacare and closed the gap. In another week he would likely have won.

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    • That is why so many Dems are scared. The zealots on here are trying to spin it like it was a head to head contest and Dems won. It was a big dog fundraiser, part of the Clinton machine who beat out an unknown by only 2%.

    • Partly because the GOP would not make the case for shutting down the GOVT to stop the run-aaway debt the libs are creating...just the kickin the can down the raod thing by keeping it open, and most areas of big bloated govt were open anyway. ObamaCare is going to take down Obama's big, bloated socialist goft policies without a doubt. Now it is spreading across the country in joke form millions of voters getting a laugh out of it....all but the millions who are seeing their healthcare plan eliminated. I SMILE :)

    • good to see you are happy coming in second, no matter what reason you or the press gives. Me I want a winner for President this year. A person who can get votes across all party lines, races, ages etc. Chris Christie of NJ, and do not saddle him with Tea Party VP candidate. If McCain (Palin) and Romney(Ryan) ran without extreme Tea Party VP choices they might have won.

    • Cuccinelli was hurt by a so called "libertarian" who was actually funded by Obama supporters. This Democrat stoogie siphoned off votes which would have given the victory to Cuccinelli. Just another example of the treachery, lying and cheating of Obama and his gang of Marxist stooges.

    • "Cuccinelli was trailing by double digits, brought up Obamacare and closed the gap."

      Obamacare had little to do with it ...

      "The Cuccinelli Collapse - NOVEMBER 5, 2013"

      "By defeating Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli II in the gubernatorial election Tuesday, Virginia voters rejected one of the most openly-right wing politicians in the country."

      "Cuccinelli was focused on his own agenda of climate change denial, anti-LGBT discrimination, restrictions on women’s reproductive health, steadfast opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and blocking any gun violence reduction efforts."

      "He fought against all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest."
      "He called a safe sex fair “soft porn” and sought to censor it."
      "His war on sodomy may have helped set free sexual predators."
      "He said Catholic Church creates a “culture of dependency on government, not God.”"
      "He turned his climate change denial into an illegal witch hunt."
      "His office improperly aided fossil fuel companies."
      "He took thousands in gifts from the a conroversial tobacco executive."
      "He questioned President Obama’s legitimacy as president."
      "He fought against LGBT equality at every possible opportunity."
      "He bragged about his “A” rating from the NRA at the site of a mass shooting."
      "He embraced radical “tenther” theories about the U.S. constitution."

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