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  • the.heretic6 the.heretic6 Nov 25, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    Julie Larson-Green: Yes, M$ is going to KILL WINDOWS

    On The Register now. The death of windoze: what a pleasant prospect....

    Microsoft's hardware chief has given the strongest indication yet that Microsoft has too many operating systems.

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    • Larson-Green and Elop. The Dream Team.

    • Could we put this to rest and delete it.
      They will merge the two mobile systems.

    • Microsoft already killed Windows, thanks to Windows 8. And you thought Vista was bad? Geez, Windows 8 sucks way more. XP users are avoiding Windows 8 PCs like the plague and switching to Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Chromebook instead.

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    • What a waste of bytes this thread is.

    • Microsoft execs have openly talked about trying to do this for awhile now, and it just proves that they are rolling up there sleeves for further ecosystem integration. It was not practical until now because the metro interface doesn't translate well onto a 4 inch smartphone screen.

      [your counter: metro should have translated to mobile phones from the beginning. my counter: MSFT dominated PCs and they saw tablets as a much easier product to readjust their Windows OS to--enter Windows 8 and 8 RT. Why sacrifice your reliable PC customer base in order to cater to a mobile market that didn't even exist prior to the launch of Windows 8? Well, now it does... and time to make the whole experience more integrated and user friendly.]

      OEMs have taken little to know shot at making Windows 8 phablets up until now. RT and metro becomes a little more practical on a phablet, but probably still needs tweeking, which they are ADMITTITINGLY WORKING ON!!! They merge Windows 8 phone and RT into one platform, change the name, and they are setup to do some real damage in the market place. That deserves a Golf clap you Moron!

      This will be very threatening for GOOG and its Android and Chrome platforms. OEMs have butchered Android into so many different versions to suit their phones and tablets that it would give me a brain aneurism to list them all. Again good luck with your investments...LOSER!

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    • turd you & that IDIOT Trolling SUX shill wonton are about to get BINGED.

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    • No doubt a stupid misinterpretation or a mis-speak. Use your brain.
      From the people who brot us RT on W8? Ballmer? A FEMALE designing hardware? And pontificating on the future of technology?
      How about giving us the quote you're talking about.

    • Quoting:

      Per Larson-Green: "We do think there's a world where there is a more mobile operating system that doesn't have the risks to battery life, or the risks to security. But, it also comes at the cost of flexibility," she told the UBS audience (Word doc, web view). She sees the next "inflexion point" as coming from advances in hardware input, just as the mouse drove the adoption of GUIs, or multitouch drove the growth in smartphones and tablets.


      One more ignorant softie talking about "inflection points" ("inflexion" must be the Brit spelling). I'd bet such abuse of language originated at Microsoft, because at least half the usages I run into come from microsofties.

    • What kind of blithering FOOL would talk about doing away with a desktop system.

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      • corneliusflake Nov 26, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

        this one:

        Julie Larson-Green (born 1962) is the Executive Vice-President of the Devices and Studios group at Microsoft, where she has worked since 1993. She is responsible for hardware development including Xbox and Surface, and for Microsoft Studios including the development of games, entertainment and premium content. She reports to Steve Ballmer.[1]

        Larson-Green notably managed the implementation of ribbons in Microsoft Office 2007, replacing the menu-driven interface with context-specific “ribbons” for which she won a technical leadership award in 2003. “User interface is customer service for the computer."

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