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  • lte_rocks_20_by_jun14 lte_rocks_20_by_jun14 Nov 27, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    Microsoft Will go down with the X86 - the downhill run had started

    1) X86 Tablets are as cheap ARM tablets - WRONG - Try taking away the $1B Intel Bay Trail subsidies. It's not sustainable

    2) X86 Tablets are competitive - WRONG - TRY pricing a 1080P X86 Tablet against an ARM X86 Tablet even with the subsidies. Notice 86 is still struggling with 1080P whilst ARM Tablets are moving on to QHD!

    3) X86 Performance are on Par with ARM - WRONG - It takes at least ONE generation of Process technology node ahead of an equivalent ARM for X86 to be comparable - this is unsustainable as we reach exponential cost associated with smaller geometries!

    4) X86 Power is as good as ARM - only if the X86 is ahead by one generation of process technology and raw performance if is tuned down substantially AND driving a old tired 768P screen.

    5) Windows on X86 can never be competitive with Android - the OS overhead is way too large - so it will always be a premium over ARM when it comes to WinX86. WinARM is much more efficient and cost effective use of hardware.

    6) X86 will always utilize more silicon than ARM from a performance/mm2 of Silicon for the same technology node. As such it is not sustainable for Intel to price it the same as an equivalent ARM chip at the same node and maintain decent gross margins.

    7) X86 Tablets allows X86 manufacturers to slow the decline of the X86 gravy train. The more successful WinARM is the more the X86 duopoly between X86 and the manufacturers are threatened. X86 are supplied by mainly one supplier and the small number of brand manufacturers. The main manufacturers are happy with the protection money "marketing incentives" which the smaller guys don't get. The status quo is on a downhill slope albeit more slowly if WinARM does not exist or is less successful.

    8) Likely 90% of Tablet users don't use legacy X86 software - what the heck heavy duty stuff are you going to run on a 7" screen? or a 10" screen? at 768P for that matter AND on an ATOM?

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    • SOME IDIOTS thinks they can run Visual Studio, Microsoft Blend, Adobe Photo Shop, Corel Draw, FTP programs, Microsoft Developer Software blah blah blah blah ... on a typical X86 tablet ....

      An X86 tablet is nothing but a Netbook without keyboards! Typical 768P, Atom class CPU and a stone age GPU - that is a Tablet to the WINTEL crowd. 1GB/2GB Ram 32B to 64GB storage - and YOU idiot tells me you can install all those software on that and run it on 1/2 GB ram?

      The problem is the WINTEL Crowd completely missed the boat - they still do when they talk LEGACY S#@#$. Tablets & Smartphones went FROM zero TO A Billion UNITS A YEAR WITHIN 5 YEARS BY KICKING LEGACY to the thrash can. And here little Johnny come lately tells everybody LEGACY IS REQUIRED for Tablet and Smartphone Success! OH WHAT A LUMP of $#!^

    • Stoopid Troll alias like your posts.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Any semiconductor company selling below cost it's latest products using one generation of Process Technology ahead of the competition just to remain barely competitive - is in deep dooo doo. It just doesn't happen - there are huge number of questions to be answered. Why, When, Where, Who, How Long, What thereafter ....

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