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  • an_obama_nation an_obama_nation Dec 17, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    The homeless man on welfare with his legs stuck out, should he vote????


    Well realistically we need to know why the man is homeless as to whether he "SHOULD" vote for the greater good.

    (1) Now okay, as Lugi noted maybe the man is doing to the best of his ability.
    (2) Maybe the person got involved with drugs?
    (3) Maybe the person has a mental illness
    (4) Maybe the person is an alcoholic (or other legal drugs)
    (5) Maybe the person has behavior problems and cannot hold a job.
    (6) Maybe they just had a series of bad events, divorce, job going away, etc.

    So okay #6 is a greater number during the Obama regime and they should vote but normally the 1-5 categories are the lion's share of homeless.

    Do we really want someone with no marketable ability, involved with drugs, mentally ill, alcoholic with behavioral problems deciding the direction of the country and spending?

    We tried that last two elections and look what we ended up with.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Since the person is obviously the prior owner of the Hawcreek stable of aliases, he probably should do nothing but post off topic inane drivel on this message board all the time. Whether he vots makes little difference since he clearly doesn't understand anything, including when it's past time for an adult diaper change.

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