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  • clcellve clcellve Dec 28, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    Management of the MSFT Yahoo Board.

    I am invested in MSFT. Regrettably, I have found most of the posts on the Yahoo MSFT Board are junk – right-wing whackos, racists, anti-Semites, sociopathic whacko bashers, paid bashers, spammers, etc..

    So, as an experiment, I starting putting all the right-wing whackos, spammers, haters, etc., on IGNORE, just to see what would happen.

    Results – after a few days of putting on IGNORE all those with junk posts who have EARNED Ignore status, I have found that I generally see at least 15 or more grayed-out posts at the bottom of the board.

    Today, I experienced a first for me – ALL POSTS BUT ONE ARE GREYED-OUT.

    Just think of how much time I saved by NOT reading all of those junk posts!

    The IGNORE button is a GREAT FEATURE!!!! Thank you, Yahoo, for that feature!

    I suggest all responsible posters on the MSFT board use the Ignore button more frequently. You’ll find you save a lot of time not reading whacko/junk nonsense, and are able to quickly focus on posters who have something useful to say.

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    • Heretic is officially ignored by me.

    • I agree with you I just did not post about it. In my opinion they try to cover up posts that make Microsoft look good. For instance I can post that there are 12 million transactions per day in the MICROSOFT Store now. Looks bad because neither goof or appl can say that. Than all this right wing and grayed out stuff shows up. I think everyone has the heretic on ignore. You have a good idea. There are two possibilities or actually three. One small fry $250 short position nut. A short firm paying local New Jersey jerks to do it . The last is the most probable and it has been documented that Samsung pays people or enslaves them to be message board Joe's. They were fined over there, but you know how Korea works. You can take a hiker and be executed for getting lost. If it is the latter I hope your computers stay healthy because they can zap them. I have to use a firewall on the router up to the standards of those who are setting the rules for me. I do not use any anti virus or firewall on the computer itself other than Microsoft's free defender and firewall that comes with Windows 8.1. After I ditched with Norton, McAfee, and even Kaspersky (though Kaspersky is better) I stopped haying all the problems. There is another anti Virus program actually MADE IN KOREA FROM KOREA'S Finest. I am not kidding. Check it out yourself.
      So Mr. CClleve I hope the Korean's do not try and zap your machine for standing out against them. I agree 100% with you. Why Yahoo allows this BS to continue is beyond belief. I said one thing once and had my screen name that I will not discuss taken away. I am not I repeat I am not anonymous with my current name to even people I am posting about. I am pretty sure you are complaining about Koreas Finest. I do not get involved more because the US GOV. should be doing that. Maybe the FCC can start a new division or FBI.

    • yeah just ignore them...All those posts by two or three posters are meant to distract, usually meaning you are holding a good stock. Take care and keep posting.

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      • corneliusflake Dec 28, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

        that would mean that they are both rational and are working against what you perceive to be a quality equity. neither of those things is correct.

        it's only about their perception of what is popular, not about the quality of the stock at all. they are posting here because they believe their posts will get attention. ignoring them is the only appropriate response.

    • It may be your only option...complaining direct to Yahoo about the off-topic garbage from the hawcreek aliases has zero effect. neither does reporting them as avuse.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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