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  • hawcreekl2 hawcreekl2 Mar 28, 2014 8:30 PM Flag

    60 Minutes segment this Sunday on book "Flash Boys" "The Stock Market is Rigged"

    Michael Lewis says a former trader at the Royal Bank of Canada in New York, Brad Katsuyama, figured this out after he consistently failed to have his entire order filled at the price he wanted. Katsuyama, who speaks to Kroft, put together a team of experts to figure out how to defeat the problem and started a new exchange, IEX, that he believes will level the playing field. Katsuyama launched IEX in October and investors, large and small, can route their trades through IEX without fear of predators lurking. IEX has accomplished this by creating a unique speed bump. "They slowed down high-frequency traders' ability to trade on their market," says Lewis.

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    • ""Waiting to route an order is way too slow for what I do""

      That is precious, I mean really precious, especially since the #1 reason for order routing is getting best speed execution available.
      Lollllll.....sure little clown.....ill take the rant of some stupid little kid fanboy with no money or brains!! duh!!! ok!!! my god, where do you stupid little inbreds all come from??llol

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    • "Nope, one needs an analytical mind that can catch the nuances of what the manipulators are doing"

      What resources does your analytical mind have at it's disposal, or does it just dream up the nuances?

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      • "What resources does your analytical mind have at it's disposal, or does it just dream up the nuances?"

        You asking means you don't understand. The human brain, tuned in is often better structured to see certain things than a program. When rapid calculations are needed the human can't keep up, but for most nuances, it excels which is why they try to use "artificial" intelligence so computers can learn when other computers are trying to fool them, as they do.

        If you don't have the brain for nuances, I don't blame you for relying on an artificial crutch to get by, whatever works for you.

    • The IEX ATS is a fully automated electronic order book and you might want to check their pricing before becoming a subscriber.
      Dammmm, you come up with some STUPID stuff.

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      • I get good executions 99%+ of the time with Schwab, Thinkorswim has a good platform and executions.

        I have accepted the market is like a video game detached from reality. I rail about that but don't trade that way.

        I just find the pump momentum stock du jour buy 1000 shares early while volatility is high and sell, often I am done in 5 minutes with a $0.30 to $0.80 move. I get into trouble when I continue to play, the first hit works about 80%+ of the time, later it becomes a guessing game. I discovered I was often further ahead at 9:45 than at 4:00 so I judge the day carefully.

        Waiting to route an order is way too slow for what I do.

      • "Dammmm, you come up with some STUPID stuff."

        you are entitled to your incorrect opinion, pigeon. That said, my point was not to change your access, but to show someone ALMOST as smart as CFury about the market thinks it is rigged.

        The rigging alleged is a little different than I imagine but I will need to watch to see if the rigging could produce what I see in a legal fashion, I doubt it.

        You have to understand numbers and watch the actual trades, the "tape" does not fully convey in one dimension what I am seeing with three volume, time, and movement.

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