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  • videva videva Sep 30, 1997 8:16 PM Remove Flag

    in need of msft financial info.


    atleast give me the address/location... danke

    This topic is deleted.
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    • semi-randomly at a dart board; it's like using a
      Monte Carlo method with a placebo effect. Esoteric to
      those that believe it, may be.

      I have degrees in
      Chemistry, Physics and Electical Engineering How long do you
      think I was in College ? (I am doing this to place me
      where I currently am.) Well, with working some and
      going to school about 12 years. That places me in the
      U.S. around the colleges through 1980's and through
      1990 due to my age. In the 1990's, I am working for
      the government. There is a record at work, in the
      stock market and with my friends. I do not like illegal
      drugs, although people may do illegal drugs; it's their
      choice. I want to be on record as being where I currently
      am with no "real" contact with drug-runners. I do
      not know of the Hinkley Bullshit directly, I am just
      guessing it's probability of people actually doing it. To
      my knowledge, I have not been in control of
      drug-runners. If some shit head gave me control as a joke and
      said do whatever he his sleep, when he is in
      the shower, etc., I don't know and neither would
      anyone else if they have done it without even telling
      you with a microphone bug inside you. Who knows what
      shitheads will do? Makeup alot of shit out of nothing is
      what it looks like.

      What about the Bosnian
      stuff?? Doesn't that count anymore?? I went through that
      crap also, in 1996!! That places me where I am at in
      1996, nowhere near drug-runners.

      Dr. Opposite. an unauthorized version of Dr.
      Opposite's opinion..

    • that's the way the market is, if you sell MSFT
      now, you lose the split and dat's dat, but then again,
      you think the sky is falling, so what the hell,
      right, i'll guess i'll see ya in 4 weeks after yer crash
      and into the recovery:)

    • I'm wary to attach too much to these things, but
      I've been monitoring something called the pitbull
      investor since the crash last summer. They have something
      called the stock market crash forecaster, and if it
      reads -10 (they claim) the market will likely crash by
      20 per cent or more within two weeks.

      is the first time the forecaster lit red since the
      crash last summer! Their advice, get out of nasdaq
      stocks, clear off margin accounts, sell short and
      accumulate cash!

      Of course, to understand how they
      come up with the crash forecast, you have to subscribe
      to their service . . . If the market actually
      crashes within two weeks, I'll probably sign on. Now I
      face the choice of believing them and getting out just
      after I got in (and taking a hit on the commissions) or
      doing the common practice thing, which is nothing.

    • The 2 and 3rd are astrological dates. I hope you
      are right
      and I don't dispute you at all. If T
      goes down 1 point or so
      I'm stopped out and lose
      money there. Hope I am wrong.
      Foreign markets are
      up so if things tend to fall apart
      in next two
      days, you know it's not fundamentals. Any
      red alert
      is just a probability: the next two days are
      pillars of stability. March will be a bad month.

      Astrology has absolutely nothing to do with common sense
      reason. It is purely esoteric in origin. Ask Dr.
      So, hope you are right, and I am wrong. Good
      p.s. tek-If you have faith in this market
      think about this.
      A dear friend of mine just got
      back from a visit to
      Jerusalem. He said that the
      country is falling apart
      at the seams, and that the
      ultra-orthodox sects were
      calling the shots. He couldn't
      wait to leave, and he
      previously loved the place.
      Things are happening my
      friend which don't look
      promising. Read tonight's edition
      of the Post.

    • I thought I had heard MSFT was going to split in March? Does anyone know if this is true and if so when? Thanks.

    • I thought I had MSFT was going to split in March? Does anyone
      know if this is true and if so when? Thanks.

    • 63504.......That's how many messages are stored
      on this stock alone!!!
      Who stores all this
      Give up???????
      EMC....that's who!!!!
      who doesn't own EMC?????
      Think about it..... :)

    • I guess I came on a little too strong. So I'll
      offer up my 12 incher. We can make piece and smoke'm my
      little 12" plastic vibrator. What say Chief?. Smoke'm
      12"er with sister "2 big jugs", emmm maybe as side
      show, Mac can bend over and grap ankles.


    • :>)


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