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  • makinitinm makinitinm Dec 6, 1997 3:13 PM Flag

    NO - but lets talk bout MSFT

    NO. Noone has right to verbally abuse another human being. See
    what happened to poor Spree at GS when he cracked under the
    constant abuse from PJ.
    But I actually wanted to get some reaction to a quote I saw
    recently. Bill Gates said @ COMDEX in ref. to NC's: "There are a number of vendors that have promoted thin clients, but they are flawed in that they are incompatible with PCs and their approach requires the use of a browser to run locally.Any machine that can run a browser is not thin. The browser has to be the thickest application man has ever invented, and it's getting thicker faster than anything every development by man."

    Sure because the browser is actually not an application but part of the operating system right?!!!!! Does the Justce Dept. have this quote?

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    • This is a truly fabulous quotation! Might I inquire where you got it?

      This quote suggests three things to me:

      1) As makinitinm so aptly pointed out, Bill is a hypocrite. His lawyers are in court saying that that Internet Exploiter is most definitely _not_ an application, while Janet waves the box that the commercial version of IE comes in in front of the judges face and he says the exact opposite to the press.

      2) Bill Gates is _scared shitless_ that his precious 30+% is on the brink of...well, I won't say "disaster," as I think we will still be hearing plenty from BillyG in the years ahead, even it is only to report that he is entering the grocery store market or some other silly endeavor... Anyone hear the news: One of BillyG's favorite bed-buddies, Intel Corp., has announced that they are supporting NC's.

      3) His judgement is going down the toilet. This is an incredibly ignorant claim, and is obviously an attempt to play upon the general ignorance of computers that seems to be common among even the "gurus" of the PC industry (shit, BillG himself doesn't
      even know the difference between an app and an OS; "It is important to realize that these programs are definitely not part of the operating system, even though they are typically supplied by the computer manufacturer. This is a crucial, but subtle point. The operating system is that portion of the software that runs in kernel mode or supervisor mode." Prof. Andrew S. Tannenbaum (PhD, MIT) _Operating Systems: Design and Implementation_, Prentice Hall: New Jersey, 1997). A browser needn't be
      on the NC, as the boot sector of the prom can download parts or all of the browser at boot time. And yes, a browser (any browser) is MUCH thinner than Win95 (or NT) :-)


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