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  • rjbjuice rjbjuice Dec 6, 1997 11:49 PM Flag


    Bull market or bear market. A chartist can make money in both Rowrown. Do you fundamentalists make money in a sideways market? We have all heard the old rhetoric such as: what will those young inexperienced punks do in a bear market? Simple. They will short the market and buy long at the turn. The difference being that while you long termers are playing catch up to your previous balances they will be adding to their profits.

    You are wrong about my age. And I probably know just as much if not more about fundamentalism and long term investing than most others. If your way were more profitable, then that is exactly what I would be using. But is isn't. It does not even come close.
    Is your portfolio up over 200% this year. If your'e like most in your group, more like 50% tops if your one of the lucky ones.

    And by the way the market has been in bull phases for at least 65% of the last one hundred years. So this bull market, even though it is a long one is not as much of an anomaly as the popular rhetoric is trying to make it.

    And if you are the older and I am the younger, why have you been the one acting like a child?

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