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  • Detsev Detsev Dec 19, 1997 3:08 PM Flag

    Good point about "Big Blue"

    When I was a lad, I worked in "Azul-Grande" shops. That's all there were, except for one tiny organization, The Bank of
    Montana, that used an NCR. I don't recall anyone complaining about having to use IBM (I Bring Manuals), not because it was easy or
    intrinsically good, but because it was the standard hardware and OS. This made it easy to exchange information, and also to upgrade to
    later releases. IBM provided <business solutions>, not a pile of unrelated parts (this is a vast simplification, I admit).
    They also sold or gave away myriad programming tools to add value to installations.

    MS got where it is today by being a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of none. They developed a full-spectrum approach. I remember laughing the first time I heard about "Microsoft Press." I said MS isn't in the publishing business, they're in the software business. Ha, little did I know.

    Whatever the government succeeds in doing to MS, they will come out smelling like a rose. Maybe we'll all get shares in each of MS's divested companies, and watch them escalate 100% per year. Just like old times.

    If our esteemed DOJ does succeed in breaking up MS, which stock will be more lucrative: the OS company, or the applications firms?

    Yahoo news: "A federal judge has ordered the government to pay nearly $286,000 in legal fees because of ... Justice Department misconduct." These are the crooks who want to reform MS.
    *<a href=/headlines/971219/politics/stories/health_1.html>

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    • Is there a relaionship between msft-bashing and rudeness?

      Thanks for your insites. They are well thoughtout, nicely put and add much to this debate.

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      • All bashing is rooted in hate, which is rooted in fear, which is rooted in ignorance. At least, it says so right here... see?

        Anyway, now that DOJ has determined they won't rest until MS is AT&T'd, I'm trying to figure out how many companies will rise out of the ashes, like the Phoenix. I worked there for a short time, and I can see at least 4 major business divisions: OS, web and broadcasting, publishing, and one or more application firms. The latter might be divided into business and personal. But what do I know?

        The government may win, but the victory will pe phyrric.

    • After Justice gets finished with them, the last words on Microsoft will be: "And look what happened to them!"

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