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  • Novalis_97 Novalis_97 Apr 26, 2000 4:13 AM Flag


    well, this is just one of millions of
    compatibility questions that's going to make everyone's life a
    living hell, if joel's klein tower of babel os vision
    comes true.

    by the way, what the hell is the
    difference between turbo linux, suse linux, and true linux?
    Does netscape make a browser for suse linux? If not,
    how long will it take for them to come out with a
    browser for suse linux? I hope it doesn't take as long as
    it took (years) for them to come up with a new
    browser for apple os.

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    • Did you ever realize how much your all caps
      writing hurts your credibility?

      But apart from
      that, let's address your post:

      Yes, Linux does
      run Apple software. Look for a package called

      Turbo Linux and Suse Linux are different distributions.
      Which basically means that a different company puts
      them together (but always from pieces publically
      available). True Linux? Never heard of that one, maybe it's a
      distribution too?

      And yes, Netscape does work on Suse
      Linux, just like it works on any other distribution. The
      Suse distribution even includes a prepackages rpm of
      netscape, and has been since ages.

      • 1 Reply to ratherdumb
      • it's nice to hear about "executor" but, as you
        know, those programs are a pain in the ass. There's one
        thing worse than multiple os's and that is the hell of
        having to use multiple translation programs to translate
        between os's. And from my own experience, those
        translation programs don't always work very well. In
        addition, they represent an additional step to running a
        program that most people, quite rightly, don't want to
        deal with. And software companies don't want to deal
        with them either because it's easier for them to
        standardize on a single software platform rather than on
        several. Because windows has provided that platform, the
        internet, the applications people use on the internet, and
        the use of the internet itself have been able to
        flourish. In today's ny times op-ed, paul krugman writes
        that windows has had an undisputed benefit as a
        standard platform. So if you want to use linux, that's
        fine, but realize that operating systems are one of
        those things that benefit the world more if there's a
        standard one rather than several. An analogy is the
        current cell phone standards debate. It benefits everyone
        more and the world economy if there's a single
        standard such as cdma. Another analogy is the english
        language as a lingua franca of the global internet
        economy. Standards help everybody and the doj is attacking
        a perfectly legal natural monopoly that has
        benefitted the growth of computers, the internet, and the
        economy immensely. If windows hadn't come to dominate and
        instead you had a multitude of different os's competing
        with each other during the past decade, the internet
        wouldn't be as vibrant as it is today.

    • i thought the antitrust case had to do with how
      microsoft supposedly acted anti-competitive toward netscape
      (although netscape's website has been continuously
      available to every internet user in the world for the past

      but now, as a supposed remedy to the netscape
      case, why on earth is joel klein focussing on
      microsoft's ms office division. What does ms office have to
      do with netscape? Does it compute?

      is there
      any doubt left that joel klein is either perpetually
      drunk or a complete lunatic?

      what galaxy is joel
      klein living in???

      hey, joel klein, which is it?
      Are you saying microsoft acted monopolistic in the
      browser market or in the office productivity suite

      have you lost your marbles completely?

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