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  • Novalis_97 Novalis_97 Apr 26, 2000 3:01 AM Flag


    this is joel klein's vision of how to benefit
    consumers but in actuality how to make everyone's life a
    living hell:

    7% of the world shall use turbo

    9% of the world shall use epoc

    6% of the
    world shall use monterey64

    11% of the world
    shall use apple's os

    8% of the world shall use

    16% of the world shall use figaro

    9% of the
    world shall use mvs

    12% of the world shall use

    7% of the world shall use suse-linux

    the rest
    of the world shall develop their own operating
    system(s) and use it amongst their own kind.

    make sure your friends or any of your current or
    potential business partners are using the same operating
    system as you so you can talk to each

    thanks, joel klein, all americans and the once-promising
    whole economic globalization process thank you for
    making our lives a living hell. Every software company
    also thanks you for forcing it to spend money on
    making its software products compatible on multiple
    operating systems. Wow, now instead of making 17 different
    versions of its websites for various handheld devices,
    yahoo will have to make 50+.

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    • i just came home from a worldwide vacation and
      guess what i saw. I saw everyone from europe to asia to
      africa using computers and being able to communicate
      with each other easily because they are using windows
      pc's. There's no doubt in my mind that the existence of
      windows os is one of the biggest factors allowing for the
      rapid spread of economic globalization and the rapid
      spread of the internet itself. It's not just the
      existence of a common operating system but also the use of
      common office applications that allows people and
      businesses to communicate easily without someone like joel
      klein trying to throw a wrench in the process of
      economic globalization and the internet. For example, if i
      write some document using ms word and need to send it
      to some business partner in europe, then my business
      partner is able to read that document because he's using
      ms word too. But joel klein does not like this
      situation. He wants to make my life and my business
      partner's life unnecessarily difficult for some reason. Why
      does joel klein want to do this? Anyone have a clue?

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      • well, this is just one of millions of
        compatibility questions that's going to make everyone's life a
        living hell, if joel's klein tower of babel os vision
        comes true.

        by the way, what the hell is the
        difference between turbo linux, suse linux, and true linux?
        Does netscape make a browser for suse linux? If not,
        how long will it take for them to come out with a
        browser for suse linux? I hope it doesn't take as long as
        it took (years) for them to come up with a new
        browser for apple os.

    • Let them use Linux.

    • computers these days are like the english
      language, which is taking over the world. It's easier to do
      business if you are speaking the same language. That's
      just a simple fact of life that joel klein wants to
      characterize as "illegal." microsoft didn't create this
      economic fact. They just took advantage of it. It's not
      illegal to have a natural monopoly. It's illegal to abuse
      a monopoly, but judge jackson was wrong about that.
      Netscape's website has been continuously in existence since
      the earliest days of the internet. Microsoft's
      bundling ie onto windows never shut down. The
      internet makes everyone's website, including netscape's,
      available to everybody all the time. That's how the
      internet works. If you have a product to sell, the thing
      to do is to create a website. No one ever prevented
      anybody from visiting netscape's website.

    • rown acid.

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