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  • jynhui1 jynhui1 Dec 22, 2007 9:01 AM Flag

    Who's selling

    If you look at the institutional holding:

    Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported

    WELLS FARGO & COMPANY 6,687,068 6.51 $132,069,593 30-Sep-07

    MORGAN STANLEY 1,368,507 1.33 $27,028,013 30-Sep-07

    CITIGROUP INC. 1,168,555 1.14 $23,078,961 30-Sep-07

    BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION 850,669 .83 $16,800,712 30-Sep-07

    COHEN & STEERS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. 839,913 .82 $16,588,281 30-Sep-07

    MERRILL LYNCH & CO., INC. 747,115 .73 $14,755,521 30-Sep-07

    DEUTSCHE BANK AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT 441,984 .43 $8,729,184 30-Sep-07

    HARRIS (EVERETT) & COMPANY 365,607 .36 $7,220,738 30-Sep-07

    UBS AG 352,905 .34 $6,969,873 30-Sep-07

    Claymore Advisors, LLC 335,302 .33 $6,622,214 30-Sep-07

    That looks like the who's who in the mess of subprime crisis. They need the cash and to book profit, assuming they have held long term.

    Can't wait to see the next disclosure.

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    • Hi Jin,

      So who do you think is buying? Even with all the stimulus packet 3/4% drop, cash rebate, increase in road way contructions of several billions, and others. Do you think institutions will come back in? The next subprime restructuring is this summer, and then there are other non-subprime in 2009 and 2010.

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      • I'll buy some more at 12.5. Don't know who is buying, but if most of IGR asset is overseas, e.g. 10% in HK, 18% in Australia, I don't see those economy melting down because of property price contraction. You still need hospitals in the US, another 6%.

        Yes, the banks and construction industry are in big trouble in the US, soon the credit cards and consumers. But would you wish you could have caught some shares at 11 something this morning?

        Gold mines dropped big time last night in HK, as much as 22% at one point. But guess what, they'll undo that tonight.

      • REITS are up today; some 5% why is this down so much? Would like to add, but talk about bodies falling out of!

    • Thanks for the info. You are probably right about their reasoning. Look for astute foreign investors to take their place and to get into IGR at these levels.

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