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  • michweather michweather Mar 9, 2008 12:08 PM Flag

    igr off over 25%

    As a result of the present situation,those who say sell now are six months to a year to late.

    That is what is amazing about investors they are always to late,they buy when they should sell,and sell when they should buy.

    Now that the fund is way down everybody is negative and wants to sell,it's a fund invested in many securites no way is this not going to come back from these levels.

    I don't see how the situation which looks awful can go down from here,instead I think the lower rates will start to kick in, in a few months and the economy should pick up.Inflation is still not to bad and is due to high commodity demand and falling dollar,but on the other side you have falling house prices.I think the bad news is now known and all priced in that is my bottom line.

    Thoughts ???

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    • I want to thank everyone for their input and suggestions. I am DRIPing into more and more IGR for I can't see this going to zero given the wide diversification of its holdings. I remember back during the internet boom when REITS were being dumped like no one was ever going to use commercial property again since everyone was going to live in a "cyberworld" and everything was going to be bought on-line and all the "box" retailers were going out of business. Ther were some great buys back then, and I bought some, but I also sold some REITS to hold onto my tech stocks. This had a negative impact on my portfolio. IGR is at least a strong hold here. Personally, I am buying Barclays (BCS) and Northstar (NRF), and may add to VRTB. The toughest thing to do is take advantage of selloffs in good stuff you already own by adding to you position, but that is usually the right course of action. One factor is that existing real estate is built, while the cost of future construction goes up everyday making the existing structures all the more valuable.

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