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  • health1_au health1_au Jun 23, 2008 7:37 PM Flag

    The only message you should read

    There are a lot of people who post on Yahoo boards who think they can swing a stock in one direction or another by a simple post.

    They are a little full of themselves. Ignore them. The Yahoo boards are not the place to research a stock. If this is where you start and end your research, you will lose money plain and simple and I will be among those who profit from your foolishness.

    IGR boards are no different. There are a lot of deluded folk here - some who even may have made money trading in and out of IGR. The problem with these people, however, is that they confuse skill with luck. There are plenty more 'traders' who have lost plenty of money out there. These people, though, don't spend much time braying about their trades on these boards.

    Then there are those who post about exploits that are the exact opposite of the truth. Losing significant money and the stress that comes with 'swinging for the fence' style trading can cause people to enter a fantasy land and part of that means telling themselves that they are the next Victor Neiderhoffer. One way to satisfy this urge is to post in message boards either where their loss occurred or where they believe the salvation of their loss is imminent. Ignore these folks too. In fact, block both types if you can.

    The thing to remember about IGR is this: you are holding a fairly diversified REIT that pays out regular dividends that (hopefully) you are able to reinvest. When the share price falls, as it is this month, there is no need to come on here and read about who thinks why this is so and to start worrying about the effects of the stories you read. The assets that IGR holds are real; no government can print them into existence or electronically create them at will. Plus, this fund is well managed. By holding this long-term, not only will you benefit from compounding the yield, month after month, you will also develop the fortitude any investor needs to be able to see right through the low-level would-be charlatans who post their drivel here as well as the more sophisticated ones you will eventually encounter should you stay in the game. Good luck!

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    • Maybe the folks at ING need to get off of that bench with the lion on it and do something to get IGR going again. It is way below NAV, no fundamental reason to be this low, just unreasonable panic.

    • Too late to sell. Lets just hope this dividend continues. Down over another 18% as of the typing of this post. Gosh is it possible for a fund to go to bankrupt? Is there such a thing as a penny fund? This is insane. I'm not buying anything in this Market. It seems there is no end in sight. Worse than rolling the dice at casino. The crooks are the only ones getting rich.

    • Good Advice

    • I would slightly disagree. The assets the fund holds are stocks in real estate and R.E. Management companies. they in turn hold assets which include management contracts, land, and leases. Some of these assets are business leases. The fund is also leveraged, resulting in interest, borrowing fees , and other market effects. It is not nearly as simple as you imply. All of this dilutes the belief that we (I own shares) are simply holding leases and collecting payments.

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      • Good points. I keep watching this thing since I got out at 15.93.
        How many times can something be halved?
        I'm sure TEMPTED, but the credit crunch says that they aren't getting development or operational money at all.
        While the atmosphere is inflationary, which should BENEFIT RE, the big booger is the ABILITY of a tenant to pay.
        I'm holding mostly CASH til I see different. And gold.

    • I forgot to include 'don't feed the trolls'... always a message board maxim.

    • Victor Niederhoffer may not be the best example. He blew up - AGAIN. I would have gone with someone like Stevie Cohen for that example.

      What I think is hilarious about your post is that you trash everyone else who posts their opinion on the board and use that as your sole reasoning for why we should all follow your unqualified opinion about this stock. If we should ignore other posters' opinions of IGR, why should we pay attention to yours? You're pretty arrogant.

      The bottom line is that people should use all available information to make decisions about the allocations in their portfolio - not just your "enlightened" opinion. The people on this board are not stupid. They understand that this is a place for average retail investors to discuss and sometimes vent about IGR. Nobody is going to run out and buy and sell shares based solely on some anonymous post on a yahoo message board.

      You are completely unqualified to direct strangers' portfolios as you do in your final paragraph and the first charlatan we can ignore is the one claiming to be the only one who is not a charlatan.

    • Back up the truck; buying opportunities like this do not come around too often. This is where real profit is made.

    • i bought in at 12.39 today. lets see if get stopped out. there is no doubt a heavy downward draft in the market. the scary part is the financial news is playing it very quiet.

    • This may not be on the money, but most reit's are still paying full dividends. As some may go down then IGR will perhaps cut
      or go into funds. It makes sense to me anyway.

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      • Damn this thing goes down everyday. The only thing this has going for it is the dividend. My additional buy in mid-April is looking real bad. If they cut the dividend this will be out of the teens instantly. But the way things are going it looks like we are heading there. Maybe that speculation is what is dropping us.

    • health excellent post.
      however with this melt down in the stock the question is will divie be cut and are they using return of capital for divie payments.
      this stock tanking more than other closed end reit funds that i monitor.
      im a prior holder and have no interest now.
      however if i can find the answer to my question might reenter.
      good investing

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