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  • paulina5012 paulina5012 Nov 19, 2008 11:34 AM Flag

    Words of Comfort? Scary!

    These potlickers have said in their Semi-Annual report: 6/30/08
    (1) Earnings growth would remain positive for 2008 and flat for 2009.
    (2) Real Estate stocks look attractive at current levels. Dividend yields on Real Estate stocks, which are well covered, are once again at attractive premiums when compared to long term government bond yields.
    (3) In short, we have positioned the portfolio toward well managed companies, defensive property types and conservative balance sheets while avoiding companies with above average leverage refinancing concerns.
    Now Sportsfans ---this should scare the s-it out of us. Think how these clowns are operating---bragging about the past year end pay-outs---and now basing the dividend pay-out on the current in the toilet share price. When IGR goes to one dollar a share will they still be comparing their performance to government bond yields????? Who runs a railroad like this?? Very Scary!

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    • Looks like retail investors are getting traction here. A few really good up days, and today +19% good going.

    • kd1025 /
      Please correct me if I'm wrong---but isn't it---- in most fund charters that they don't buy shares priced under $5.00?? If so, won't it be difficult to get any real traction to IGR for a lift off???

    • I forgot to mention. This fund will most likely not increase its dividend for a while. Forget the special dividends. Although I am not a buyer right now, if I was doing portfolio allocation, this would be a good fund for a real estate allocation. The payout is rich at this price.

    • The answer is for me, no. I already own a boatload of this cefa. A new investor would get a good deal. My next purchase will be PFE and BMY. They are great dividend growers, and I know they will not go out of business. At this time, I will carefully cherry pick my list. Strong balance sheets, moats around their business, and of course a long history of steadily increasing the dividend. I don't care if the dividend for PFE and BMY are only 6% and 7%, I care about dividend growth. There are great companies for sale right now, and that is where my free cash flow will go.

      As far as the cefa world, I also own ERH and EOD, and they just announced dividends and did not cut them. The name of their games are utilities, a great place to invest today.
      Check them out. They have been pounded down like everything else, but I haven't seen anybody turn out the lights, yet.

    • But, would YOU buy more?

    • kjgulli, you bought 1,500 shares at $15 per share. Since IPO, each share has only paid out $9.76 in dividends. That is only $14,640 in dividends. You also had the high annual expenses chipping away at your shares, and now it is only worth $2.48 per share. I hope for all it comes back around but I don't have much faith.

    • I think the floor has come under the stock price of IGR.

      New investors will get a good deal.

    • I'm holding for better days so low why sell ..................

    • smart very smart

    • My wife and I are already invested into this for over 20,000 shares. Although, we have had great dividends in the past, today is different, and we are not going to buy anymore of this fund. I'm a better stockpicker than these clowns.

      I am going to buy Pfizer and BMY next available cash in hand. They pay great dividends and the prices are low. AND, people will needs lots and lots of drugs.

      In the food sector, MCD is a staple, and to be daring, I also like CMG, Chipotle Mexican Grille. This company has almost no debt, plenty of cash in the till, and years and years of growing to do. The specialty is fresh custom made burritos. right now, there are 700 stores. The company also announced a stock buyback due to depressed share prices.

      I also own RTU, which until recently was a five star fund from Morningstar. It continues to get pounded, yet has been a well run fund. There are some ARPS in the holdings.
      Will wait and see before committing more dough.

      Paychex (PAYX), and (ADP) are on my buy list. Plenty of cash, great histories of growing the dividend, and bargain basement prices.

      Con-Ed (ED) is another one I like. Great Dividend, and nobody turning off the power.

      That's my train of thought these days.


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