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  • Younessi Younessi Dec 8, 2008 4:15 PM Flag

    Wow, NAV is now over $5 and stock trades @$3.44

    It seems that forced selling has stopped for these closed end funds. Remember, the same way the leverage hurt these funds on the way going down, it will help it on the way going up.

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    • The discount is now over 30%. This won't last. I have added greatly to my position of late. Moreover, the dollar has been declining too. I can't imagine who would be selling other than people foolishly establishing tax losses.

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      • 'This management has to execute and perform' - pretty inane, as if you consider yourself on the board. If you have a large loss right now, it has nothing to do with the company. I know that, and you know that, so how about cutting out the completely idiotic complaining along these lines? If you stay in, you can get more shares by investing the dividend. If you don't want any risk, get out. Nobody owes you a darn thing.


      • This sick puppy has lost a ton of it's market cap. Cheap stocks are cheap for a reason.
        It still is a little spooky that our exec mgmt. team is saying things like we should remember how well we did on our year end payouts---and now comparing their 60% div. reduction to a current rate compared favorably with Gov. bonds. This management team has to execute and perform.
        This would be like the Cub's missing out on the World Series (Again) and saying next year will be better because they are getting rid of six players, thus cutting their payroll by 60%. Do they write this stuff on a cocktail napkin??? Do threy ever consider why people buy a REIT in the first place?
        My concern is simply that IGR will stay a viable fund. IMHO

    • Not a lot, a little less than 2000 shares. Nav took relatively small hit yesterday as if IGR was not using margin at all. Interesting. Would like to throw more money at it, but fear that the market could have yet anotehr leg down prevents me.

      At this point it has a 36% discount to NAV. Incredible! Of course real time NAV will drop on open.

    • i agree, i'm holding 500 from IPO.

    • Not quite as much downslide...
      only 1,800 @$14.30

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