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  • mike5885 mike5885 Feb 20, 2009 6:24 PM Flag

    IGR position

    I have gotten massacred in this puppy. So take what I say for what it is worth.

    I sold 1/2 my position at 12, the another 1/4 below 12.

    I then sat on my hands, promising myself to wait for 3 and if I missed a rally I missed it.

    I put everything back on today at 2.84. Yeah baby

    only time will tell, I am either brilliant and patient or a fool

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    • sky is the limit very soon once the real estate dust settle down this will go all the way to $ 21.16 . Jay Swaminarayan .

    • Something to ponder:

      IGR is a pool of REIT's. It is widely diversified across country, type and currency.

      Current distribution = .045/mo or .54/year

      that is .54/3 a yield of 18%

      now lets play devils advocate, cut the dividend by 75%

      distribution then = .045x.25x12 = .135/year

      that is a .135/3 a yield of 4.5%

      That beats any money market, with a capital gains kicker in a worst case scenario in my opinion

      again there are risk, please do your own research

      but think it through

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