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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Mar 20, 2009 4:03 AM Flag

    I just read the annual report....

    And there is nothing in it that would make me want to add to the already several thousand shares I am under water with. Nada!

    1-We have 425 of holdings in the US. Why?

    2-Only 10% of holdings are in the safest sector which is healthcare and 30% in the riskiest which is retail

    3-We lost 75 million in "foreign currency transactions."! How we will ever know what was pure speculation and what was pure conversion to a weaker currency I dont know. After all something doesnt make sense. 42% of holdings are US. The US dollar has been on a tear for months. Does this mean we could go belly up with more "unfavorable" currency transactions? And where are the hedges for currency fluctuations? Guess there arent any. Ace-duece! Next shooter. Only thing in our favor is NAV to price ratio. What a gamble this "safe" investent turned out to be. My prediction. Its either at a buck or 4 by next year. Stability is out. Watch for a reverse split if she goes under a buck. But...Im just a daytrader. I dont understand all these complicated things. We all should have just pooled our money and started our own fund. Get some guy with a degree in real estate finance to run it. And we'd stay 80% invested outside the USA! Anyone wanna try it?

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    • The dollar strengthening can only deminish their income no matter what the mix of US to foreign companies. They have done as well or better than the indices such as ICF for quite a while so I am encouraged. Don't worry too much about the dollar strengthening, our current leaders are on the same path as the previous misfits busy cranking out dollars as fast as they can to "moneterize debt". That means have the world awash with dollars so that any dollar debt is trimmed by inflation.

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