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  • xx865 xx865 Dec 9, 2009 2:50 AM Flag

    Dec Dividend

    How to buy? It's a CEF (Closed End Fund) and is traded on the open market just like a stock. No load other than your brokerage commission. There's an annual expense ratio though.

    Your math seems OK to me.

    $200,000 / $6.06 (today's close) = 33,003 shares
    33,003 x $0.045 (current monthly dividend) = $1,485 monthly income

    Of course there's no guarantee that the distribution rate will not drop in the future.

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    • Thank for reply xx865. Are you a shareholder? If so, why did you choose this fund?

      I did speak to a rep at the company. She was very patient and friendly, but if she said the word "risk" once, she said it a hundred times. She even suggested I research bonds also for safety. I think she was just trying to make me understand that the co decides every month to pay the dividend and that it can stop anytime. Also, I guess the share price had a high of over 10 at one point and fell to under 3 which generated a lot of unhappy shareholders.


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