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  • algo41 algo41 May 10, 2010 8:26 AM Flag

    skip, off topic

    Skip, I know you often have bids in below market. Did you get some great deals last Thursday when market dropped so much for a while? Makes me tempted to do something like that.


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    • Not as many as I would have liked. I had 3 orders sitting including Raven at $27.50 and only one for some QCOM at $36.00 filled. I did buy some Onyx Pharma (ONXX) Friday at $24.93 but that was down largely due to some poor earnings results rather than the market swoon.
      I wish I'd had more orders waiting, of course, but they expire and when the price is a long ways from where I wish to buy, I sometimes procrastinate in replacing my orders. In fact, the Raven order had expired and I just got around to replacing it a day or two earlier. Of course Raven was relatively unaffected by the market, so it did no good to have the order in.

      Yes, that situation is one just made for my strategies.

      Losing KTII was certainly a disappointment and I have HI on my watch list. Did you pick up any of it? And I'm always interested in your picks as you seem to buy the same kinds of companies I like. Small, good management, little known, and honest. Have you found any more I should be paying attention to?

      Best, Lance

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      • OK, no one asked me, but here is something you might want to look at. Hurco (HURC) is a former high flyer that was selling for almost $60 per share prior to the crash and is now around $17. They were earning $3.49 per share on an annual basis prior to the crash, but their revenues were cut by about 2/3 when businesses quit buying systems during the recession. They still are not in the black yet, but I just opened a small position assuming that at some point they will start selling systems again. They have no debt and about $5 per share in cash. One of their competitors (HDNG) has a takeover offer which may be influencing the price of Hurco also. No guarantees, but may be worth a quick look. I don't think they have ever paid a dividend and they don't do conference calls, both of which I normally like to see. It's still my smallest position, but I may add more.

        Hurco Companies, Inc. is an industrial technology company. The Company designs and produces computerized machine tools, featuring its computer control systems and software, for sale through its own distribution network to the worldwide metal cutting market. The Company provides software options, control upgrades, accessories and replacement parts for its products, as well as customer service and training support. The Company's computer numeric control (CNC) systems and software products are primarily sold as integral components of its computerized machine tool products. Hurco's important product lines include VM, VMX and TM product lines, and five-axis (VTX) and horizontal machining centers (HTX). It sells its products through more than 150 independent agents and distributors in countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

      • Skip, I might have recommended SPAN, although it is no slam dunk, but it went up a lot today just because they announced a special dividend, which makes no sense to me. TLF reports earnings tomorrow, but it is in retail.

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