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  • wpharmachick wpharmachick Jan 21, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Buying in


    This stock shows me that over the past couple of months, intermintent spikes of green volume are revealing dark pool - institutions buying more shares without moving price. This one I like - a lot.

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    • The last of my $37.50 calls expired worthless last weekend. Those were a real gift earning $2.50 and $3.40 per share on the two tranches I sold. I don't feel nearly confident enough of Raven being overpriced now
      that I'd dry

    • The last couple of dips surely worked nicely for me. I've mentioned before that my investment methodology involves buying a certain amount every month. I buy whichever of my companies looks to be underpriced--usually because it is below it's 500 day moving average price. The problem with that system is that usually when Raven (or any other stock in my portfolio) is underpriced I have already spent my budget on something else even more or earlier underpriced.

      On this occasion, however, nearly everything else I own is hitting new highs and only Raven was in buy range. So I bought right up to my maximum holding of any one company. Still could buy more and just may though I'd rather pay $25 or less. A PE of 20 (based on real earnings from the past 4 quarters) is getting up there pretty well as far as I'm concerned and I'm inclined to begin looking at selling some if it gets over $29 or so.

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